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Reinventing China’s Future

时       长:    10 / 8×50´

题       材:    




 China is experiencing a new revolution. Its innovation and design culture is evolving rapidly. Never before has this vast nation had the opportunity to express its creative and technological potential so freely. Madcap entrepreneur Dominic Johnson-Hill will travel from city to city – mega-cities, new cities and ancient cities – looking for China’s most extreme innovations: the most lucrative, the most influential and the weirdest! What drives China’s innovation and its innovators? Is it the dream of being rich? Of changing the world? Or just pure genius? It’s quite possible that whatever weird and wonderful invention you’ve thought of, the Chinese have already started making it! 

What could be more exciting and more chaotic than opening the floodgates of creativity and innovation among China’s population of 1.3 billion? Are you ready to see it? From the most successful to the most misguided? Embark with us on this journey of discovery! 

A Co-production with The Moving Visuals Co.